The Course

Delivered in partnership with Chippindale Foods, Morrisons’ own integrated egg operation, as well as numerous companies who are specialists within the Egg industry, this Academy is aimed at those wanting to join the UK’s fastest growing protein sector - eggs! 

Despite being an industry worth over £1 billion to the UK economy, there is a shortage of people coming into the industry and there is very little training currently available, which is why we have developed the British Egg Academy with the support of industry specialists.


Laying Hen Industry Support 

30 companies and organisations alongside Morrisons and Chippindale Foods will provide practical, on-site visits and teaching, click on their names below to find out more:

ABN, Alltech, Avivets, British Egg Industry Council (BEIC), British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA), Country Fresh Pullets (Lloyds Animal Feeds), DSM, Eggbase, Elliott Eggs Ltd, EggSell, Ellerington Engineering, ForFarmers, Joice and Hill, Humphrey Feeds and Pullets, Huvepharma, Hy-Line, Lintz Hall Farm, Lohmann GB Limited, Massey Feeds, National Farmers Union (NFU), Next Steps Agreed, Noble Foods, NSF International, Newquip, Poultry Health Services (PHS), Potters Poultry, RSPCA, Thompsons Feeds, Wot-A-Pullet, Wot-An-Egg.

The Qualification

Level 2 Diploma in Agriculture with training and work based learning from the supporting companies. 

This course identified knowledge, understanding and technical skills employers need from learners entering the sector in the coming years. Assessment is through traditional and contemporary methods such as practical and written assessments and blended learning. 

Work experience forms a large part of the programme, opportunities for placements have been identified nationwide and employers have a pivotal role in the delivery of the programme.

British Egg Industry Insight

British Egg Industry Insight

PDF Document (109 KB)
  • What you will study

    • Safe working in agriculture
    • Environmental and Land-based Business
    • Introduction to Farm Animal Production
    • Introduction to Animal and Plant Husbandry
    • Introduction to Animal and Plant Biology
    • Assisting with Agriculture Habitat Management
    • Undertake Level 2 Work Related Experience in the Industries
    • Undertake an 'Egg-vestigative Project' supported by an industry specialist, this could be completing research in the workplace or investigating an issue using company information and resources
    • Maths and / or English (if not achieved at grade 4).


  • Entry Requirements

    Four GCSEs at grade 3, preferably including English and Maths, or a Level 1 qualification in a related subject. A satisfactory reference is also needed.

  • How to apply

    Application is through our online application form or by the Common Application Process (CAP).

  • What qualifications will you gain

    • Level 2 Award in Safe Working in Agriculture
    • LANTRA – Employee Rights and Responsibilities
    • Level 2 Diploma in Agriculture:
      • 5 Units of teaching at Bishop Burton College
      • Specialist Teaching
      • Level 2 Work related experience
      • Investigative Project
    Industry Contribution Industry Lead Teaching
    Hatchery Lion Code Training
    Rearing farm introduction RSPCA/Welfare outcomes/
    Behaviour monitoring
    Laying farm introduction Building design/equipment
    Feedmill Breeding/breed characteristics
    Vets Record keeping/eggbase
    Genetics Nutrition (x2 including raw materials practical)
    Technology Policy/Legislation/
    Construction and equipment  
    Packing centre  
  • Work Experience

    Our Egg industry specialists are from all aspects of the supply chain and the aim of the Academy is to give students the chance to experience all stages: Hatchery → Rearing Farm → Laying Farm → Egg Grading and Packing Site → Retail or Processing with industry services feeding into the supply chain: Companies who are specialists in Welfare, Genetics, Nutrition, Legislation, Policy, Construction, Equipment and Technology

  • Companies Supporting the Course


    • 4th largest supermarket chain in the UK
    • British farming’s largest supermarket customer, selling 100% British fresh meat, milk and eggs
    • Almost 500 stores
    • Vertically integrated business incorporating: stores, online, distribution, wholesale and 18 manufacturing sites
    • 11 million customers every week, 100,000 colleagues across the business
    • Market Street formula is the point of difference.


    Chippindale Foods

    • Acquired by Morrisons in 2018
    • One of the fastest growing egg businesses in the UK
    • Provides Morrisons with 7 million free range eggs every week from c. 50 farms and 1.6 million hens
    • The company has a strong farming heritage stretching back over 3 generations.



    • The leading British manufacturer of pig and poultry compound feed providing both products and complementary solutions to the pig and poultry livestock industries
    • AB Agri is now supplying products and services to farmers, feed and food manufacturers, processors, and retailers selling products in over 40 countries that drive efficiency in over 20 million tonnes of animal feed.



    • Alltech work together with feed, farm and food businesses to advance natural immunity, profitable production and agri-food sustainability. Recognised for high-performance nutritional technologies powered by scientific innovation, we are paving the way to a Planet of Plenty™ where plants, animals and people thrive in harmony for generations to come
    • Our leading nutritional technologies are proven to support poultry producers with gut health, bird welfare and performance. We can help with:
      Antibiotic reduction
      > Chick quality
      > Wet litter
      > Egg shell strength and quality
      > Immunity.



    • Dedicated poultry and gamebird vets, provide professional services, advice and consultancy to farmers, producers and keepers throughout the UK.


    British Egg Industry Council (BEIC)

    • The British Egg Industry Council was set up in 1986 to represent the UK egg industry. Its members are organisations concerned with the egg industry. It is funded by subscriptions from egg packers and producers who produce more than 85% of the UK's eggs. BEIC subscribers market Lion Quality eggs.


    British Free Range Egg Producers Association (BFREPA)

    • The British Free Range Egg Producers Association has been established for 30 years, and now has over 500 producer members who keep between them over 14 million hens. The association represents free range producers at Government level, on the NFU Poultry Board and the BFREPA Chairman is also an Officeholder and Director of the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC).


    Country Fresh Pullets (Lloyds Animal Feeds)

    • Country Fresh Pullets is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyds Animal Feeds rearing over 7 million pullets a year.
    • The UK’s largest independent pullet rearers.
    • Country Fresh buy day old commercial laying strain hybrid breed chicks and rear them to point of lay, which is approximately 15-17 weeks of age. They are then supplied to customers prior to the birds starting to lay eggs.



    • DSM is a global purpose-led, science-based company specializing in Nutrition, Health & Sustainable Living. The company was established in 1902 and offers the most comprehensive science-based animal nutrition solutions (based on our broad portfolio of vitamins, enzymes, eubiotics, carotenoids, lipids and minerals).



    • Eggbase is an innovative and independent provider of powerful software and data solutions specifically designed to give farmers and businesses across the poultry sector a powerful competitive advantage
    • Delivering compliance, professionalism, accountability, chick and egg traceability, benchmarking and competitive analysis across multiple remote sites, Eggbase egg layer and poultry software is designed and operated by egg-laying specialists to give our clients cutting edge and intuitive data collection and analysis.


    Elliott Eggs Ltd

    • The Elliott family started producing free range eggs back in 1989 on their farm in East Yorkshire. With the philosophy that a happy hen produces a tasty egg, all of the hens enjoy a welfare rich life, being free to roam and munching on grain harvested and milled on the farm
    • All the eggs are packed in our BRC approved Packing Centre on the family farm where daily quality tests are also carried out. They are then distributed to major supermarket retailers.



    • EggSell Producers Ltd is a Co-operative of dedicated Free Range Egg producers based in East Yorkshire with producers throughout the country
    • Eggs produced by the Co-operative members are marketed through EggSell Ltd to retail, manufacturing and catering customers
    • The co-operative was formed in 2007.


    Ellerington Engineering

    • Family run company based in East Yorkshire, specialise in the design, manufacture and construction of steel portal framed buildings
    • With a long farming background, 20 years experience in engineering, and a team of professionals, Ellerington Engineering produces top quality buildings all over the country.



    • ForFarmers provides compound feeds and home mill and mix solutions for free range, colony, barn and organic producers. ForFarmers range of layer feeds, VITAFOCUS, meets the dynamic changes in the layer industry and the specific business objectives of the egg producer.


    Joice and Hill - part of Hendrix Genetics

    • Joice and Hill Poultry is the UK Distributor for the world class brands of Hendrix Genetics, including Bovans Brown, one of the world’s leading egg laying breeds
    • Our goal is to unlock the genetic potential of these layers through the pursuit of superior chick quality, after sales service and our partnership approach which delivers exceptional support to our customers.


    Humphrey Feeds and Pullets

    • Founded in 1932, Humphrey Feeds and Pullets is a family run business with a specialist knowledge of poultry nutrition and husbandry, going back over three generations. Today, we are proud to be the UK’s leading dedicated poultry feed supplier and point of lay pullet supplier, to the independent poultry farmer.



    • Huvepharma is a fast-growing global pharmaceutical company with a focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing human health and animal health and nutrition products.



    • Hy-Line UK leads the way in the production and distribution of day-old chicks to egg producers across the UK and Ireland, including the world leading Hy-Line Brown.


    Lintz Hall Farm

    • Lintz Hall Farm is located 10 miles south west of Newcastle upon Tyne, the 500 acre farm is mainly concerned with poultry egg production, although there is 200 acres of arable land and a horse livery
    • Poultry farming has been in the Tulip family for over 60 years
    • Lintz Hall’s ‘premier quality’ and ‘Derwent Valley free range’ brand eggs are delivered all over the North East by our own fleet of delivery vehicles to a diverse customer base, from supermarket chains to corner shops, hotels and restaurants.


    Lohmann GB Limited

    • Lohmann GB is the market leader in the UK supported by the breeding company Lohmann Tierzucht, based in Germany, who have over 50 years experience in breeding egg laying hens
    • Lohmann Tierzucht has developed a unique range of layer breeds to suit various production systems and market demands including the Lohmann Brown Classic, the most popular commercial laying hen breed in the UK.


    Massey Feeds

    • We are a family business with over 140 years of experience with a reputation for investing in the latest technology. We have constantly reinvested in all aspects of the business to give us the solid foundations from which we have grown
    • Every day, we are helping our customers to achieve more success. To do this, we use the latest technology and we satisfy the most rigorous standards of quality control to ensure that the resultant food is safe and wholesome. Animal welfare standards must always be met and we recognise our responsibility to the environment. 



    • The National Farmers Union (NFU) was founded in 1908 and is a national organisation which represents the interest of farmers
    • The NFU’s poultry board works hard to represent and protect the interests of its members.


    Next Steps Agreed

    • Next Steps Agreed is not just another recruitment company; we are a specialist business aimed at the Poultry Sector and its subsidiaries, working in partnership with colleges and universities as well as large corporations
    • We offer training and mentoring alongside our mission to place people in their perfect roles
    • The agricultural sector has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and these changes continue to accelerate in terms of both investment and technical innovation this in response to increased pressure from retailers and consumers for "cheap food" as a consequence the industry requires highly competent staff from ground level to CEOs of large Integrated companies.


    Noble Foods

    • Noble Foods is one of the UK’s largest packers of eggs supplying into many major retailers
    • In 2009 Noble Foods launched the Happy Egg Co, which is now Britain’s leading egg brand. The family now includes Big & Fresh, Heritage Breeds and Purely Organic
    • Noble Foods is a leading supplier of fresh food brands to major retailers and consumers.


    NSF International

    • NSF Certification UK Ltd is an independently operated subsidiary of NSF International. It is the largest global certification provider in the food and farming sector.



    • Newquip Limited is a family business which was established in 2000, we are the sole UK distributor of the World’s leading supplier of poultry and pig equipment, Big Dutchman.


    PHS (Poultry Health Services)

    • Poultry is one of the most innovative sectors in modern agriculture today and PHS recognises and responds to this appropriately. Our team brings a wealth of experience and science led innovation to address the needs of poultry producers, whether in the commercial sector of egg production or in the more science-led breeding and hatchery sector, to drive flock health and subsequent productivity.


    Potters Poultry

    • Potters Poultry can cater for the requirements of all areas of the poultry industry, supplying poultry equipment, agriculture equipment, and pullets, right through from the smallholder to the large scale commercial operator
    • Over 50 years’ experience in the poultry industry has given us a unique advantage in providing superior quality products with an extremely high level of service.



    • The RSPCA is the largest animal welfare charity in the UK, established in 1824
    • RSPCA Assured egg-laying hen standards cover the health, diet, housing and equipment, and daily care of the chickens from birth through to slaughter.


    Thompsons Feed

    • Founded in 1926, Thompsons of York produce and supply the highest quality animal feeds to British Farmers. Our mill is fully accredited to the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS), ensuring feed products match the demands of major retailers. We have always taken pride in the quality, safe manufacture, handling and storage of our feeding stuffs.


    Wot-A-Pullet, Wot-An-Egg

    • Wot-A-Pullet is an independent pullet rearer, able to rear any breed
    • Keen to improve industry standards by promoting best practice set out to establish Wot-A-Pullet as the gold standard in pullet rearing and have invested in infrastructure and people to facilitate this.
  • Careers and Progression

    At the end of the Academy there will be a day hosted by Morrisons where students and representatives from all companies will come together. 

    This will give students the chance to network with company representatives and discuss opportunities going forwards.

    Throughout the course we encourage students to discover what part of the course they find most interesting and have conversations with their host companies.

  • Information Videos

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