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Wind turbine East Yorkshire


Sustainability is at the heart of life at Bishop Burton College. From small steps to big projects, here are just a few of the things we're doing to become more sustainable...

Solar and wind energy

Our grounds maintenance will soon be carbon zero! We’re capturing solar and wind energy to power our grounds maintenance equipment, including our robotic mower, chainsaws, leaf blowers and trimmers. Keep an eye out for Lionel Pitchy, our battery-operated line machine!

Flood defences

We have a balancing lake that acts as a flood defence for the rural villages downstream. It also features as a water jump for our British Eventing Horse Trials!

Cross country water jump at Bishop Burton International Youth Championships
Electric car charging

Electric cars

We have replaced our older diesel fuelled cars with electric vehicles.

Eco-friendly food packaging

We have switched our disposable food packaging to eco-friendly alternatives.

Bio-gas production

We have installed, and are using for research, an anaerobic digestor that breaks down organic matter to produce biogas and biofertiliser for use as fuel on campus.

Aiming for a carbon net-zero commercial farm

We have set ourselves an ambitious target to reach carbon net-zero by 2030 – ten years ahead of NFU’s aim for farming nationally.

Suckler cows in beef sheds

Sustainability skills for employment

As a Bishop Burton College student, you will have the opportunity to gain new qualifications in sustainability.

These qualifications, which run alongside our main college-level courses, will enhance your knowledge of key sustainability practices that will be essential for future employment.

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