Academic Support

Specialist support is available for people with diagnosed additional needs, through to less formal support to help students on every level of course. We can assist with everything from understanding assignment briefs to working out percentages!

We can also support with equipment such as visual stress equipment (i.e. overlays), dictaphones and speech to text software.

To discuss individual needs, please contact our Learning Support Coordinators:

Gena Charlton
T. 01964 553116

Susan Harris
T. 01964 553134

Local Support

For information on additional services in the East Riding of Yorkshire please click HERE

If you require information on the Hull Local Offer please click HERE.

Foundation Studies Guide

College (Further Education)

The college offers a range of support, which is tailored to the requirements of individual students. This can include in-class support, assignment support, study skills and access to Directed Study Workshops. Students may also be able to loan a range of specialist equipment for the duration of their programme of study.

The team consists of Learning Mentors, Supported Learning Assistants and an Exam Access Assessor, to ensure students get the support that they need. 

University Centre (Higher Education)

The college is committed to providing support to students who require additional support to aid them in their studies. The Study Skills team can provide this through drop in sessions or pre-booked 1:1 sessions.

Distance learners can access the service through email, telephone or webinars and video calls. (Download the leaflet below to find out more.)

Students who require more formal support may be eligible for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).

For DSA Needs Assessors who require information on the services that staff at Bishop Burton College, please click here

Our NMH provider certificate can be found here

Care Leavers' Package

We offer a comprehensive package of support for Care Leavers.

At the application stage, we offer you direct links to the Admissions department and the Student Services Manager, who can provide support and advice on every aspect of your application. 

Your dedicated Programme Leader can advise and guide you on your chosen course. Once you have started your programme, they will be your first point of contact for support and regular progress meetings. 

Alongside our normal day-to-day residential support provided by the Wardening team, you will be allocated a named member of staff who will guide you through every aspect of being a residential student; from how to apply for accommodation, funding and what to bring when you move in! This member of staff will meet with you regularly to ensure that you have the relevant support you require whilst living on campus.

Benefits to the Care Leaver's Package include:

  • A free laptop to assist you with completion of your course.
  • Residential fees paid (a £250 room deposit will still be required).
  • Free technology support for the duration of your course.
  • Regular meetings with our Careers Coordinator to help you identify your plans for the future and routes to success.
  • Support meetings with our Health and Welfare Officer, Student Services Manager and Student Support Manager which will ensure that you are being supported with all aspects of being a university student.
  • Access to our financial bursaries, including our employability bursary, Bishop Burton Bursary programme and Student Opportunity Fund. Find out more about those here.
  • Access to course fee scholarships. Two scholarships for care leavers, of £2,250 per annum for the duration of the programme, are available. (These are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Student Welfare

Students are the life and soul of Bishop Burton. Their happiness, health and wellbeing are the most important things for everyone at the college.

We don’t just want our students to achieve academically and professionally – we want them to be happy and healthy in both body and mind.

Everyone at Bishop Burton takes pride in students leaving not just with the qualifications that they studied and worked hard for, but as confident and capable individuals.

As part of this, we help students develop their social and personal skills through a range of workshops and other measures, including:

For further information, please contact the Health & Welfare Team by emailing or by calling 0800 731 8281.

Stress Management and Well-Being Package

Bishop Burton College has teamed up with Chaos to Calm Journey to provide a bespoke online catalogue of well-being resources to target; stress, positive mental health, and growth mindset. 

There are four main modules that you can take part in, at your own leisure: 

  1. What is stress
  2. Positive well-being tools, techniques, and strategies
  3. Growth mindset and goal setting
  4. Suggested reading list

Each module had been carefully designed with a range of engaging graphics, audios and downloadable PDF’s. 

You can complete as many modules as you like, and you can even team up with friends and complete over an online platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to support each other! 

Module One

What is Stress

"Stress is a normal part of life for everyone and a little stress can actually be good for us, helping us to achieve and succeed in things such as finishing deadlines, assignments, and preparing for exams..."

Within this section, you'll learn about what is stress and recognise the different physical and emotional responses to stress. 

What is stress

PDF Document (245 KB)

What Causes Stress

"It's so important to understand what actually causes stress and how stress appears in our own lives. With this awareness and understanding, we can start to apply strategies, tools, and techniques to our daily lives to take control..."

The 15 minute PowerPoint presentation explains the different external and internal stressors you may experience, and how you can control these.

Changing Stressful Thinking, Feelings and Behaviours

"Our thinking affects our sense of wellbeing and for every situation or challenge, we experience there is more than one way to look at it..."

Here we explore the different methods you can use to change stressful thinking, feelings, and behaviours. 

Module Two


"Have you ever consciously noticed the things around you, or how you talk to others and yourself? Or do you run every day on autopilot, not really knowing what you're seeing, touching, smelling, tasting, saying, hearing?  Maybe you worry about the future and spend time kicking yourself over past mistakes?.."

Within this section, you'll gain an understanding of mindfulness and take part in a range of short mindfulness meditation exercises. 


PDF Document (311 KB)

Mindfulness Exercise 1

PDF Document (307 KB)

Mindfulness Exercise 2

PDF Document (218 KB)

Mindfulness Exercise 3

PDF Document (296 KB)


"Meditation works by calming the autonomic nervous system, taking us away from the fight or flight response towards daily demands, stress, and strain.  Using meditation can lead us to become less reactive and more objective in our thinking and actions..."

Have a read of the Beginners Guide to Meditation, and then take part in the breathing and meditation exercises. 


Breathing Exercises

PDF Document (109 KB)

Meditation Guidance Ideas

PDF Document (505 KB)

Beginners Guide to Meditation

PDF Document (344 KB)

Healthy Routine

"Our brain works in a way that loves routines and loves patterns.  It takes cues from the daily routine patterns that we have and it loves that rhythm, it loves having habits because it wants to be efficient..."

To read more about healthy routines, click on the PDF below. 

Healthy Routine

PDF Document (232 KB)

Morning Routine

"How we start our day can either set us up for experiencing anxiety, stress, and failure or it can increase our energy, motivation, productivity, and success. There are multiple studies that demonstrate how establishing a routine filled with healthy habits is a great way to move more efficiently through our days..."

To read more about morning routines, click on the PDF below. 

Afterward, click on the suggested morning routine that we have put together for you. 

Establish a Morning Routine

PDF Document (359 KB)

Suggested morning routine PDF

PDF Document (297 KB)


"We often speak to ourselves in such an automatic way that we don't even realise how unkind or unfair we are being to ourselves, and yet these words can disempower us from doing the very things that we really want to do..."

To read more about affirmations, click on the PDF below. 

There's also a list of positive affirmations for you to take a look at. 

Affirmations explained

PDF Document (380 KB)

Positive Affirmations List

PDF Document (367 KB)


"Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation felt by you and is the secret to experiencing happiness within. Gratitude is about focusing on what is good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have..."

To read more about gratitude, click on the PDF below. 


PDF Document (378 KB)


"Journaling is a really powerful tool and is a great way to check-in with ourselves.  

It is a great way to release what is going around in our head, and once it's out of our head, we can look, explore, reflect, and challenge our thinking..."

To read more about the journaling tool, click on the PDF below. 

There is also a range of supporting journaling tools for you to take a look at and to have a go.


PDF Document (312 KB)

Daily Journaling Sheet

PDF Document (279 KB)

Goals Journaling Prompts

PDF Document (287 KB)

Self Love Journal Prompts

PDF Document (297 KB)

Other Feel Good Habits

There are even more tools, techniques, and strategies!

Take a look at our additional feel-good habits to see if you can use them to promote positive well-being within your own daily routines. 

Other Healthy Feel Good Habits

PDF Document (386 KB)

Module Three

Growth Mindset

"Growth mind-set is a belief that you can change and improve. It is a belief that our basic qualities including intelligence and talents and personality can be changed and cultivated through effort, meaning that a person’s abilities and personality can be changed regardless of where they currently are at..."

Click on the PDF below to learn about growth mind-set and about the 3 steps to improve your mind-set and confidence.

Goal Setting

This workbook has been put together to help with your success in life, business, and career and to help you to achieve your goals and reach your dreams.

Use this workbook in your time and follow the process step by step.

Goals Workbook

PDF Document (760 KB)

Module Four

Recommended Reading

Firstly, huge congratulations on completing the Stress Management and Well-Being modules!

If you would like to read further, check out our recommended reading list below. 

Recommended Reading

PDF Document (120 KB)

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