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Miranda - Apprentice

Miranda completed Level 2 and 3 Animal Care apprenticeships and is now at Bangor University studying Marine Biology and Oceanography. She credits her apprenticeship experience with developing invaluable skills and experience that gave her the confidence to progress onto a university internship and degree level study, as well as travelling independently to volunteer with a rehabilitation and release centre in Ecuador.

“My apprenticeship provided me with invaluable skills and is an experience I frequently advocate for at Bangor University while studying Marine Biology and Oceanography.”

During my apprenticeship, I was engaging with people from all different walks of life, helping me become more open-minded and providing useful contacts in my field of interest. This, alongside working independently and taking initiative developed my self-assurance. Additionally, the apprenticeship taught me how to learn in a lateral way opposed to more conventional education, and provided the capacity for me to apply my learning at work."

"These skills I acquired during my apprenticeship have helped me engage with a range of opportunities. Travelling solo to Ecuador for a volunteer opportunity at a rehabilitation and release centre for native animals was an experience I learnt about through my apprenticeship tutor. Furthermore, I undertook an internship at Bangor University, which consequently led to independently representing the university by presenting findings at a conference in Poland, with a scientific paper now in progress as a result of this. I am also a head peer guide for the Ocean Sciences department, where I help academic staff organise peer guides in welcoming new students to the university. These are just a handful of several opportunities I otherwise may not have engaged with if it wasn’t for the enthusiasm and support of my colleagues and apprenticeship tutors throughout the years.”

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