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Ashton Davies - Apprentice

Ashton is a Level 3 Butchery Apprentice with Cranswick Country Foods in Hull. When he started his apprenticeship, he had no prior knowledge of the industry but quickly found his feet and has grown in confidence and capability as a valued member of the Butchery team. He is now training to become a Production Line Manager alongside his apprenticeship and hopes to open his own Butchers shops in the future to support other young people with their career ambitions.

“I started my career as a Butchery Apprentice at Cranswick Country Foods in October 2020, with no knowledge of the industry and no real goals. I was useless when it came to butchering a pork leg for the first time. It took me a few weeks to learn the basics, but once this happened, I quickly gained confidence and started to plan out where I wanted to be in the years to come.

In the coming weeks I honed my skills and began the transition from a block to a production line - running at a steady 350 legs per hour. Time soon passed and now after 3 years I have progressed through all the grades and am currently undergoing manager training alongside my Level 3 Advanced Butcher apprenticeship. The journey wasn't easy but after being on the new DBO Flex machine running at 750 legs per hour I'm happy to say I am off the lines checking the quality of products on the right track to becoming a Production Line Manager.

Having a successful career inside Cranswick Country Foods has also allowed me to pursue my hobbies, such as watching and studying the stock and financial markets in the hopes of one day making it my full time career. I currently hold £17,000 of company shares within Cranswick Country Foods. While studying the stocks and shares market I have learnt the fundamental skills I need to succeed in the coming years. It gives me great drive knowing I will one day be my own boss, with the opportunity to open up my own shops and help young people in the same position I was. I aim to find something within the butchery industry that they can focus on which gives them a successful career.”

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