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The applications hub can be used for college level (further education) courses. You can also use it to apply for our HNC programmes, part-time degrees and master's degrees. For full-time HNCs and degrees, please apply via UCAS.

There are various ways to apply for short courses – information about how to apply for these courses is included on each specific course page.

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Student Privacy Notice

The College collects this data to ensure we can process your application and inform you of relevant information, in accordance with our Student Privacy Notice.

Please note that we can not process your application without this consent. If you are aged 18 or under you are also consenting to us contacting your parent / guardian regarding your application.


Interested in applying to University Centre Bishop Burton through Clearing? 

Use this application form to apply for our HNC programmes, part-time degrees and master's degrees.

For full-time HNCs and degrees, please apply via UCAS.

Watch the video to learn more about Clearing at UCBB

Opt in procedure

Allow us to contact your next-of-kin: Students Aged Over 18

Opt in or opt out of allowing the College to contact your next-of-kin if we have serious concerns about your wellbeing.

When you enrol, you let us know if we could contact your next-of-kin should we have serious concerns about your wellbeing.

The Student Emergency Contact Procedure explains the situations when we would get in contact.

Change your Next-of-Kin

If your next-of-kin changes for any reason, you must inform the College. Contact Student Services on 01964 553113 or email

Information for Parents and Guardians

We recognise that students aged over 18 are independent adults.  Therefore, we need their consent to talk to anyone outside of the College about them, including parents and guardians.

That is why we ask students to opt in and give consent for us contact their next-of-kin in situations when we have serious concerns about their welfare.

Under data protection legislation, we may disclose personal information about a student without their consent, only when it is in their vital interests to do so; this means in very serious or life or death situations.

What you can expect from the College

All College services and departments are committed to treating you with dignity and respect which includes handling any information you provide to us sensitively.

All personal information is collected, stored and managed in accordance with the College’s Data Protection Policy and associated guidance.  We comply fully with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.  Records will be kept and stored securely and only accessed by relevant staff when required.  Further information can be provided by contacting or

We work with professionals outside the College such as MHS mental health teams.  They have their own confidentiality policies.  We only share relevant information with the sole purpose of supporting students and we will ordinarily inform you in advance unless we have significant welfare concerns.

We do not respond to requests for information from parents, guardians or other third parties (unless covered by Data Protection exemption, eg; from the Police).  Such requests will be refused unless students have given explicit permission in advance.

There may be circumstances where the law requires disclosure for the prevention and detection of terrorism or where non-disclosure is likely to prejudice the detection of crime.

All College staff are obliged to report matters such as safeguarding concerns to the relevant senior member of staff responsible, who may be obliged, by law, to report to external bodies such as the Police or Social Services.

Managing significant welfare concerns and emergencies

At enrolment, students can choose to ‘opt in’ so that we can contact your nominated next-of-kin in the event of a significant concern about your welfare.  This is the Student Emergency Contact Procedure.  Regardless of whether you have opted in, as part of the Student Agreement, we can contact your next-of-kin in the event of an emergency.

If a member of staff takes the view that a student is at risk of harming themselves or others, they are obliged under their duty of care, to override confidentiality.  This may mean that we cannot discuss our intention to share information with you before doing so.


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