Bishop Burton’s Animal Sciences unit has more than 100 species, including wallabies, primates, meerkats, skunks, otters and many more. The unit is always evolving, with new animals being added on a regular basis.

Our tutors are experts in their field, who are able to provide you with the practical and theoretical knowledge that you need to explore a career within the animal industry, whether that’s as an animal trainer, zoo manager or wildlife ranger.

Programmes are enriched by the external expert speakers and a range of field trips (from Yorkshire Wildlife Park to reserves in South Africa) through the Animal Management Academy, to further widen your knowledge base.

We offer a wide range of Animal Sciences courses, from Level 1 to master's degrees, that allow you to progress into the right career for you, whether that's a role within animal care, training, welfare or conservation.

What's more, in collaboration with the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA), University Centre Bishop Burton is incorporating the Dog Trainer Foundations (KPA) online course into its degree programmes.

Our BSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Training programme has also been formally recognised by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) Programme Recognition Committee as delivering the academic elements necessary for an individual to achieve ABTC recognition as an Animal Training Instructor.

We offer Access to Higher Education Diploma in Animal Sciences. This qualification is designed to prepare students aged 19+ for a Foundation Degree.

Our Animal Sciences Courses


Chloe studies the BTEC Level 3 in Animal Management and was named the national BTEC Land-Based Student of the Year in 2019, following her exceptional progress at Bishop Burton.

It is so practical and hands-on, you mix with such a wide variety of animals. There is an amazing range and there are new ones coming in all the time. It is just such a brilliant opportunity.


  • Animal Charity Worker
  • Zookeeper
  • Vet
  • Dog Handler
  • Wildlife Park Worker
  • Animal Sanctuary Assistant
  • Animal Technician

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