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Our Research Hub

University Centre Bishop Burton (UCBB) is home to leading research experts.

UCBB takes pride in its commitment to conducting a wide array of practical research initiatives and academic endeavours spanning across a broad spectrum of curriculum areas.

We’re committed to fostering a culture of enquiry and innovation through cooperative ventures and practical research. The quality of education we provide is advanced by the incorporation of research and scholarly pursuits.

We prioritise involving students in research through a combination of curriculum integration, cutting-edge facilities, and collaboration with experienced academic professionals, pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom concerning teaching and learning.

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Our research areas


Animal Sciences

Equestrian Performance

Ecology and Conservation

Sport and Exercise Science


Creative and Design

Student-Driven Inquiry

Here at UCBB, we put research in our students’ hands. Our approach to student-driven inquiry presents opportunities for intellectual exploration, giving students the confidence and experience to go out into the world and continue their work.

Students feel grounded by the consistent departmental support they receive. Academic emphasise, world class facilities, and long-standing professional partnerships combine to empower our students in their research endeavours.

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Engaged Faculty

At UCBB, we cultivate an environment where our students not only excel but thrive in their research endeavours, thanks to the strong support and guidance provided by our academic faculty. Our educators, with a wealth of experience in their respective fields, instil confidence in their students, serving as mentors throughout their academic journeys.

Our faculty boasts a strong track record of publishing influential papers in various scholarly records. This wealth of expertise is not just a testament to their academic attainment but also a reflection of their commitment to nurturing the success of their students. They understand that a key ingredient to student achievement is the dedication and knowledge imparted by faculty members who are genuinely invested in their students' growth and development.

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For more information, contact our Adele Sewell, our Research Committee Chair.


Telephone: 01964 504153

Our Research Staff

BB Placeholder

Hanne Grice

Animal Sciences Lecturer

“I enjoy helping students to modify their perceptions of how animals and humans coexist. Getting into the mind of an animal, viewing the world from their perspective, and adapting our own habits, is vital to the future of the planet.”

Lecturer Hanne Grice is an expert on Animal Behaviour.

A former graduate of UCBB with an MSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Training under her belt, Hanne is a leading expert on animal behaviour in the UK. Winner of Animal Behaviourist of the Year 2022-23, she is regularly in the media and recently featured on the One Show where she discussed training dogs to use ‘talking buttons’ as a means to communicate with their humans.

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BB Placeholder

Michaela Nelson

Laboratory Manager

With an impressive raft of research to her name, our laboratories are in extremely capable hands under the leadership of Marine Biologist Michaela.

Specialising in micro-biology, Michaela was a Senior Research at York University for many years, and has also worked with the National Blood Service.

An active member of the Micro Biology Society, Michaela has published an impressive number of papers covering a fascinating range of research projects including agricultural crop trials and breast cancer investigation.

Michaela is heavily involved in working with students on their dissertations and is a key player in the team delivering precision agriculture higher-level skills as part of the Institute of Technology (IoT).

BB Placeholder

Jess Milner

Lecturer in Agriculture

UCBB’s resident livestock expert Jess is an experienced farmer, breeding pedigree Boer goats and managing her own flock of 300 sheep. Currently working towards a Master’s degree specialising in sustainable and efficient food production, she is also a driving force in our precision agriculture provision with the Institute of Technology.

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