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Academy athlete sports massage

Athlete Care

At Bishop Burton College we provide a performance package that matches professional sports clubs, helping you to maintain your physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, being injured is a part of the learning experience in athletic development; however, all sports academy students have access to both a full-time on-site physiotherapist and sports rehabilitator support to offer preventative advice and corrective exercises, injury assessment and rehabilitation. So, if an injury does occur we can get you back on the pitch doing what you enjoy.

Our performance department has over 10 years of experience in professional sport. Harnessing this knowledge we are able to utilise cutting-edge technology to assess and treat injury through exercise. This includes:

  • A handheld dynamometry system: The ActivForce2 gives us live data on how much force you are able to generate. which in turn allows us to make more informed decisions about your return to play.
  • Flow restriction training: The MyoCuff device allows students to exercise muscles using only 20% of the weight you would usually need to achieve improvements. This speeds up injury recovery times without risking setbacks or lengthy periods off your feet.
  • Rehabilitation app: We utilise an app so that we can send your rehabilitation programme direct to you. This includes demonstration videos, as well as how many repetitions and sets to perform.

Dealing with concussion

We care about the welfare of our athletes and maintain strict protocols on issues such as concussion. If our medics or coaches suspect that a concussion has taken place we withdraw our students from sport. We work alongside the academic team to ensure we are adhering to the concussion protocols within professional sports.

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