Our Committment

We’re pleased to be able to support the UK government’s commitment to increasing the contribution that renewables make to meeting our energy demands five fold over the next nine years.

This target can only be realised by the rapid development and deployment of a range of renewable technologies in conjunction with increased efficiency and long term behavioural changes. Bio-renewables is set to make up around a third of the UK’s total renewable capability by 2020, helping to meet our demand for electricity, heat and transport fuels.

The Humber region can build robust and sustainable supply chains as part of the developing biorenewables economy as the region already has many capabilities and strengths in biorenewables, and there are clear openings for joint ventures between the smaller, innovative companies and larger chemical companies to create commercial and sustainable products from waste through integrating their processing. The region has a very big energy agenda, and in terms of biorenewables has significant advantages such as our geographical position, raw materials and existing investment, particularly in waste to energy and biofuels. The region is therefore very well placed to become a leader in the sector which would also provide direct investment into our rural economy.

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    STEM Manifesto

    Our commitment to develop students skills to progress to green jobs in energy management.