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Food Testing and Cooking Instruction Verification

At Bishop Burton, we offer food testing and cooking instruction verification to help food suppliers ensure their products are prepared to the best possible standard, with expertly conducted and independently tested cooking instructions.

Our dedicated cooking verification team provides this essential service to food manufacturers and producers, using our fully equipped food testing laboratory.

Putting products through stringent tests and assessments in our food analysis lab, we generate optimum cooking instructions for products, and rigorously verify existing instructions.

Our service has been used by many leading food brands and manufacturers, and we have helped clients verify their instructions for all major UK retailers.

Cooking instruction verification

Perhaps you have instructions for cooking your product, and they work in your test kitchen. But will customers and consumers achieve results to the same standard?

Our experienced cooking verification team puts your products and instructions through a stringently controlled series of tests, using calibrated and verified equipment.

Cooking instruction generation

Entrusting the quality of your food product to customers with unknown equipment and varying levels of skill can be daunting.

Our experienced team can take away the concern by generating cooking instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Conducting a series of tests, they will establish the optimum cooking time and temperature, and determine all other preparation details to achieve the best possible replicable results.

Food testing labs for comprehensive reporting

  • Samples evaluated prior to testing to ensure they meet correct tolerances
  • Organoleptic assessment, ensuring flavour, aroma, appearance and eating experience will meet requirements and expectations
  • Photographic records and full reporting
  • Full continuous multi-channel temperature profiling during all tests
  • All equipment calibrated to UKAS standard
  • All conventional cooking types, including:
    • Gas, electric and fan-assisted ovens
    • All domesticated microwave powers
    • Gas and electric hobs
    • Grill
    • Slow cooker
    • Deep fryer
    • Air fryer
  • Thermocouple temperature profiling
  • Fibre optic thermometry

Client-focused and dedicated service

As one of the food testing companies trusted by leading manufacturers and food suppliers, our service is strictly confidential and extremely efficient, customised to our clients’ individual requirements.

Because we understand the pressures faced by our clients, we also offer an additional high-speed service with a response time within 48 hours.

Sample report, protocol documentation and calibration certificates are all available on request.

Find out more

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you to ensure your food products are prepared to the optimum quality.


Telephone: 01964 775056

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