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Animal Sciences student in labs with microscopes behind

What our students say

We think that the higher level study at University Centre Bishop Burton (UCBB) is pretty special but don't just take our word for it. Our students have been telling us all about their experiences at UCBB.

Ben Comins Fd Sc Agriculture Io T

Ben Comins, FdSc Agriculture

Subject Agriculture

“Technology is vital to the farming industry in today’s modern world to improve yields, efficiency and farming business in general.

"I have enjoyed everything about learning at the IoT. Precision agriculture is going to be essential to the future of agriculture and for my career."

Nathan Pilgrim Fd Sc Agriculture Io T

Nathan Pilgrim, FdSc Agriculture

Subject Agriculture

“The IoT has enhanced my education, allowing me to achieve my dream job.

"We use the McConnel Robocut RC56 for jobs with limited access, such as challenging terrain and hazardous areas where tractors cannot reach. Operated via remote control, we can maintain a safe distance of up to 150 meters.

"The McConnel has a low centre of gravity designed to give it great stability. Speed, gearing, rotor speed and an emergency stop accessed with a single button are just some of the features that can be controlled with controls. It is also compatible with Trimble, another IoT system we use in precision farming."

Jess Stocks Fd Sc Agriculture Io T

Jess Stocks, FdSc Agriculture

Subject Agriculture

“The IoT has given me the skills to take back to my arable farm at home.

"We use the Yara N-Sensor, which is a large piece of equipment that attaches to the roof of a tractor. The N-Sensor determines the nitrogen demand by measuring the crop’s light reflectance covering a total area of approximately 50m2 per second.

"With measurements being taken every second, we can accurately communicate to the spreader how much nitrogen needs to be applied to the field which helps us to farm in a way that maximises crop production without being detrimental to the environment."

Laura Cooper FdSc Agriculture

Laura Cooper - FdSc Agriculture

Subject Agriculture

"You can work quite close with your tutors. You don’t feel like a number. It’s like one big happy group, no one feels left out."

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