Life Skills Team @ UCBB

We know that everyone is different.

The Life Skills Team @ UCBB is dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential to reach academic, career and personal life goals. It’s all about YOU at UCBB.

Our specialist team of life coaches, study mentors, career advisors, and professional skills experts focus on empowering you to get the best from yourself. At UCBB, we don’t just focus on study programmes and qualifications, we challenge you to overcome barriers to success, so you can achieve personal and professional goals and fulfilment.

They support you on every step of your journey, whether it is through 1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions to tackle individual challenges or needs, or through group tutorials and workshops. Our commitment is to support and develop YOU!

Life Skills Team at UCBB

Life Coaches

Our new and highly qualified team of Life Coaches can help you discover the best you. We have expert Life Coaches to provide support across a wide range of life skills, including:

  • Emotional and behavioural: helping you to understand and overcome personal barriers so you can achieve your full potential
  • Mentoring and coaching: individual support programmes, tailored to specific needs
  • Social engagement and interpersonal: career coaching to help develop confident, professional and industry ready individuals, who are armed with the interpersonal skills to engage in the professional world
  • Health, wellbeing and resilience: focus on all aspects of physical and mental health and wellbeing to develop resilience and life skills and life balance.

Study Skills

Our Study Skills team will support you to develop learning strategies that suit your individual needs. Whether you have a formally diagnosed disability or would simply benefit from additional guidance and mentoring to develop project planning and time management skills, you can access drop-in sessions or pre-book 1:1 tutorials. 


At UCBB we work closely with our employer network to understand the professional and ‘soft skills’ that they seek in graduates. Our Life Skills Team will help you to develop skills expected by employers including; professional engagement and interactions, email and telephone etiquette and the use of professional IT software such as Microsoft Teams. Essential skills for the career ready graduate.

Our Life Skill’s Team is available on campus or remotely via email, telephone, webinars or video call, so distance learners can also access support.


Want to learn more about our Life Skills Team and how they can help you?

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