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Taking your education to the next level with T Levels

25 Jan 2022 | College

T Levels give you a new choice after GCSEs, that can lead you to successful careers straight after graduation or prepare you for further study.

T Levels were pioneered in September 2020 to provide a unique alternative from other vocational qualifications. Equivalent to 3 A Levels, a T Level focuses on vocational skills and help students into skilled employment, higher education or higher-level apprenticeships. You spend a large proportion of your time in the real working setting. In fact, you spend 80% at college and 20% on a 45-day meaningful industry placement, where you can put your newly learnt skills and knowledge straight into practice.

Mike Ridley, Head of Department for General Further Education, Bishop Burton College said;

“T-Level qualifications are the future of education, they will give students who want to pursue a career in their chosen sector a fantastic opportunity to work extremely closely with industry professionals, while learning the most up-to-date industry content, skills and knowledge.”

At Bishop Burton College, we are pleased to be offering the following T Levels:

Our two brand new T Levels, Onsite Construction and Management and Administration offer so much opportunity in highly sought-after careers. Let’s take a look at why T Levels are needed in these key industry and employment sectors.

The Labour Market Information (LMI) from the Office for National Statistics has highlighted that demand for employees in the construction trades has increased by 60% this year alone, indicating a clear demand for trained construction personnel.

Importantly, research from CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) has found that only 30% of construction students’ progress into higher-earning skilled brickwork jobs. This means they will have to return to education to gain the additional skills needed to progress further in the sector. However, the Onsite Construction T Level has been developed to provide students with the necessary high-quality teaching and training to access skilled employment, straight after successful completion of the course

The case is similar in the Business sector. LMI Humber highlights that over 87,000 are employed in the Business sector in the region, accounting for over 20% of all employment. But did you know… the sector is expected to grow by 20% with 15% more jobs becoming available. This is because the Business sector has an ‘ageing workforce’ meaning most of its employers will be reaching retirement age. There is therefore, an increased demand for young people to join the industry and specifically for those who have higher-level skills to be able to deal with technological advances. This is why the Management and Administration T Level is the perfect course for you if you are wanting a successful career within the Business sector.

So, what makes T Levels at Bishop Burton the right choice to help you develop your career? Let’s find out…

Onsite Construction T Level - new for September 2022

The Onsite Construction T Level will help you gain a solid understanding of the onsite construction industry. Working from TWO bespoke construction sites at Bishop Burton College, you will specialise in either bricklaying or plastering to develop the knowledge and skills needed by employers to go straight into skilled work or higher-level study.

Find out more about the Onsite Construction:

Management and Administration T Level - New for September 2022

This T Level has been designed with employers in the Business sector to provide you with the essentials skills needed for this sector. You will gain an understanding of the intricate workings and procedures of running and working in a business, with a specific focus on leadership and management.

Find out more.

Education and Childcare T Level

The Education and Childcare T Level provides the ultimate blend of theoretical study in the classroom, being hands-on in our Childcare Centre of Excellence with a fully equipped nursery room and sensory room, whilst also working a minimum of one day a week in industry. All students on this course are guaranteed a job interview with the Child Dynamix community nursery in Hull.

Find out more.

Health T Level

Students on this T Level will study both the key Health core concepts and also specialise in the key concepts around supporting the adult nursing team. You will spend 80% of your course at College, within our dedicated Health Suite kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment to replicated a real working hospital.

Find out more.

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