Our excellent equine facilities support a breadth of research aimed at exploring aspects of both the horse and rider to inform improved welfare and performance. Our experienced equine staff provide inspiration and support for students to develop confident research skills throughout their degree programmes before undertaking an independent project.  

Rider Fitness and Performance- using the Racewood Dressage Simulator in combination with state-of-the-art measuring equipment including Quintic Gait Analysis, Rein Tension gauges and Stirrup Pressure pads, enables investigation into various aspect of rider performance. Research focuses includes differences between the male and female rider, the effects of on and off the horse exercise regimes of rider posture and rider symmetry. Collectively, these inform a better understanding of the rider needs and interactions with the horse to inform coaching and training practices. 

Equine Therapy centre- on onsite commercial therapy centre provides familiarity and investigation into the therapeutic use of water on hydrotherapy equipment including water treadmill and spa. Investigation have explored the biomechanical adaptations to exercise in water to better inform practises, including water height and belt speed. Research equipment permits measuring of heart rate data, movement patterns and thermal imagery in relation to hydrotherapy and therapeutic modalities at the centre.  

Equine Centre- the broader equine facilities support research into various aspects of equine science and performance, the variety of surfaces available and breadth of competition and events enabling exploration of various aspects of sport performance. Recent focus has included investigation into equipment including comparisons of bit and bitless bridles and noseband design and pressures. Research in conjunction with companies have also investigated joint supplementation in relation to kinematics and properties of equine surfaces in relation to microbial growth.   

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