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Criminological research lies at the core of criminological theory, influencing social policy change, as well as informing criminal justice practice. A fluid approach to a thought-provoking genre within social science offers an opportunity for detailed research in a multitude of crime typologies. Encompassing a range of approaches to crime, punishment and rehabilitation.

The opportunities offered to students during studies are key influencers to research approaches. Police Special Constable, Prison support working, Citizens Advice Bureau victim support officer are few examples of experience gained that underpin the research directive and student focus. Should all Police Constables have to experience a period as a Special Constable before applying full-time? Does rehabilitation practice work in the UK? Language barriers in the courts and how do they impact outcomes for witnesses and victims?

Academic staff with industry experience will contribute to student led research in areas of interest, areas for employability and specialist contexts. Literature research practice is prominent in criminological exploration and the final year studies are designed to be fluid to develop research in current issues.

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