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The aim of the Creative and Design Research Centre is to explore creative opportunities, develop ideas and undertake problem-solving activities. Encompassing the design disciplines of Design and Fashion, with the common approach of utilising design thinking and problem solving within the creative process, our research processes allow for ideas generation, risk taking and lateral thinking, being mindful that the end result should be forward thinking, responsive to the client and the environment, sustainable and accessible to all.

Within our design discipline contexts, creative projects respond to industry led trends and influences, exploring the fundamentals of the design process and the benefits of participating in creative activity and its related benefits. This approach allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the potential of the creative industries and explore the use of technological advances within projects focussing on the future of the creative industries.

Projects explore innovative techniques and methodology and can be utilised across different contexts and a variety of sectors within the industry. Creative methodology spans across our design disciplines with a focus on environmental impact and sustainable innovation whilst a human-centred design approach to problem solving places the end-user at the forefront of our research projects.

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If you’d like more information on our Creative and Design research, please contact Michele Thompson

T. 01964 554101


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