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Re-watch the MSc research project presentations

21 May 2021 | University Centre

Re-watch the MSc Research Project Presentations

To listen to a recording, use the relevant web link and provide the requested details.

1:30pmSophie JenkinsonLTHas the COVID-19 lockdown led to an increase in canine behavioural problems?
2:00pmClare BartonMJDiscrimination between similar objects by pet dogs in response to a referential verbal cue: does the association of a specific odour with the target item enhance performance?
2:30pmHazel SawyerAWConversation or entertainment? Zoos of the future. An investigation into public perception on the purpose of our zoos
3:30pmKate StephensonAWThe impact of COVID 19 on zoos: The actual impact versus public perception
4:00pmNicki PhillipsAWDoes education impact public perception of stereotypies in zoo animals
4:30pmJordan RussellAWThe rehabilitation of grey seals around the UK coasts, and the causes for rehabilitation.
6:00pmMillie KicklinJMThe effects of Temperature as an aversive stimulus in the Hermit crab
6:30pmMelanie McLarenJMThe relationship between canine paw preference and personality
7:00pmRobyn StansfieldHGRuff love: An investigation into the personality of rescue dogs and their owners

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