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Higher Nationals at UCBB

21 May 2021 | University Centre

The University Centre Bishop Burton (UCBB), East Yorkshire, is one of the UK’s leading land-based educational institutions. Set in stunning countryside grounds, we offer a range of study options including foundation and bachelor’s degrees, as well as Higher Nationals and master’s degrees, with full-time and part-time options.

From Monday 24th May, we are celebrating our Higher Nationals for a whole week! Highlighting the benefits of Higher Nationals, the programmes that we offer at UCBB and how to apply.


What is an HNC?

A Higher National Certificate (HNC) is a level 4 practical and hands-on programme designed to help you get ready for employment while giving you the essential skills and experience needed to do so.

An HNC offers you:
  • Key skills and experience in your chosen field
  • Practical learning designed to get you ready for work
  • Ways to refine your existing skills to excel you further in your career
  • Opportunities to work with local employers
  • A taste of university life
  • More cost-effective compared to a traditional university degree.

An HNC is a 1-year full time or 2-year part time programme, equivalent to your first year at university. The part time programme is great for people with pre-existing commitments, offering flexible hours so you can study at your own pace. The programme is also perfect for students who want to have that first-year university experience without the full three-year commitment. If you desire, you can continue your studies onto a second year of a bachelor’s degree.

Who’s it for?

HNC programmes are for everyone, but could be more useful to:

  • Students leaving school who are unsure about their next steps, and don’t want to commit to a full degree
  • People who want to fast track themselves into the world of work
  • People already employed, who want to progress further in the career ladder
  • Students who prefer more practical courses as opposed to theory.
Why apply for an HNC?

HNC programmes will give you the tools you need to develop, improve and refine your career. Skills learnt will be transferable to working environments, and opportunities to work with local employers will broaden and strengthen your existing connections. HNC’s are highly valued by employers and are quickly becoming popular across the UK.


What is an HND?

A Higher National Diploma or HND level 5 course, is a step up from HNC. HND is a more in-depth programme focusing on industry specific skills that will have you ready for employment as soon as it finishes. Both HNC and HND offers less theory than a traditional degree.

An HND offers you:

  • Advanced training to further develop industry skills
  • More comprehensive studies
  • Carries more weight with employers than an HNC
  • More costeffective overall than a full three-year degree.

An HND is equivalent to 2 years at university or 3-4 years part time. Due to the higher level of dedication and study time, the programme takes twice as long as an HNC. You can also choose to continue your studies onto the third year of a bachelors.

Who’s it for?

HND courses open up more opportunities and experiences for individuals. An HND could be useful to:

  • An employee who requires more specialist knowledge to progress further in their career
  • A student who wants to immediately get into work as soon as they finish studies
  • More cost effective overall than a full three-year degree.
Why Apply for a HND?

Though it requires more study, a HND is well regarded by employers. It shows you have specialist practical knowledge in your chosen area and the skills to work from day one. The two years means it is more accessible to anyone wanting to get more practical, hands on experience.

Apple for a HNC/HND at UCBB

Here at UCBB we want you to succeed in your chosen career and will help you get there. Please see below the wide variety of HNC/HND programmes we offer:

Applications are still OPEN for September 2021, APPLY NOW.

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