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Jess Milner offers Agriculture Clearing advice

Could Clearing be your route to a more confident future in farming?

26 Aug 2022 | University Centre

August is a busy time in the Agricultural industry, with combine harvesters busy in the fields and thoughts turning to the forthcoming year.

However, it's also a period that presents an opportunity to consider our roles within the industry and the future of farming through higher education.

We’re all aware of the challenges the industry is facing from escalating prices and the increased cost of living, to the climate emergency and the necessity for us to reduce our impact on the land. These issues are going nowhere fast, so it’s more important than ever to be thinking ahead and equipping ourselves as agriculture professionals to face these challenges head on and with confidence.

Face the future with higher-level skills and knowledge

One way to accomplish this is to consider a degree. There are a multitude of amazing courses out there that will equip and prepare you for the future. Higher-level skills can help at any stage of your career - whether you’re a student looking to move onto degree level or an agricultural worker or employer looking to develop your existing knowledge and expertise. If you’ve been in work for some time the idea of moving back into education can be a bit daunting to say the least. But it’s never too late and now is the opportune moment to find the right course for you through Clearing.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is how universities and colleges offer spaces on courses to people who have not yet secured a place to study. In most people’s minds Clearing is synonymous with young people who haven’t quite achieved the grades they wanted in A Levels or similar qualifications. Whilst Clearing is an opportunity for them to find a programme to suit them, it's also a fantastic way to enter higher education to gain a degree and higher-level skills, regardless of your age or where you are in your career.

Clearing works if you’ve had a change of heart and the course you originally applied for no longer appeals, or you’ve received no offers that take your fancy. Likewise, if you’ve decided last minute that a degree is for you, it’s the route to getting onto the course you want.

Our top tips for Clearing

You have to register with UCAS for Clearing [Looking for a course in Clearing? Learn how Clearing works & find a new place (], but once you’ve done this here are a few things we think are essential to bear in mind.

Ask for advice

Talk to an advisor at your school, college, centre or careers office about your options. If you’re currently in employment and would like some guidance, then talk to the university or college, you’re interested in. Here at UCBB we’re always happy to chat with prospective applicants and give sound guidance to make the most of the opportunities available.

Find out what’s available

Look around and see what courses are out there. UCAS have a handy search tool on their Clearing site to support this. Clearing Plus can also help to match you with courses that would be a good fit. Take a look at the UCAS website for more information. When selecting a course, keep in mind what’s important to you - the nature of the course, the modules you’ll study and the location of the university or college are key ones to consider. But keep an open mind – there may be variations on the subject you were initially thinking of that could be perfect for you. Keep checking as well, as universities and colleges will update course information regularly.

Have a chat and go visit

If a course sounds good to you, give the university or college a call and find out more and see if you can visit. At UCBB we are hosting regular Clearing Campus Tours, so applicants can have a look round and meet the academic team. Talking to the university or college you’re interested in and going to visit is a really good way to make sure you’re making the right choice, for you. Book your tour today.

Your time to progress as an agriculture professional

Every year hundreds of people embark on an amazing, successful and rewarding higher-education experiences through Clearing. At UCBB we’re always pleased to welcome applicants through Clearing and have a great range of programmes specialising in cutting edge Precision Agriculture and Precision Crop Technology to Farm Business Management and Livestock Production available for applicants. These courses provide a range of skills to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of food production, as well as developing key industry links and employment opportunities for like-minded individuals with an interest in agriculture.

If you’ve been considering developing your skills further or you want to re-evaluate choices you’ve already made, then Clearing could be the stepping- stone to your future as a highly-skilled and future-proofed farmer. If you take that exciting step and make an application, good luck and enjoy your experience!

Click here to discover more about Clearing.

Get in touch for advice and support

Our friendly Clearing team are here to help Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 4:30pm and Friday's 9:00am - 4pm.

Please contact them on the details below. You can also view our Clearing guide, book onto a campus tour or view our 360 campus map.

Tel. 01964 553010
Mob. 07795 603508

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