Our exciting programme of bespoke higher-level qualifications and free short courses have been designed to provide the opportunity to engage with the IoT at any point in your career.

If you are currently an agricultural worker looking to upskill and improve your knowledge of precision agriculture or wanting to enter into higher education we have a course to suit you. 

Whichever programme of study you might choose, all are geared around meeting the challenges facing the agricultural industry; leaving you equipped with the skills, knowledge, understanding and hands-on, practical experience of precision agriculture techniques and technologies that will make you highly employable. 

The skills to succeed: Meeting the country’s evolving technical skills needs

Take a look at the IoT experience at Bishop Burton

Hear from our students about their experiences

What is it actually like to access the facilities, learning environment and technologies and on offer at the IoT?

Take a look below to discover more about the equipment and precision agriculture techniques you’ll have access to.

Ben, FdSc Agriculture

“Technology is vital to the farming industry in today’s modern world to improve yields, to improve efficiency and to improve farming business in general.” 

Ben has enjoyed everything about the IoT experience and his access to precision farming principles and technologies. He sees precision farming as vitally important for the future of agriculture and for him and his future career. 

Ben has been able to apply his knowledge and expertise developed on his course in his current place of work, selling precision farming equipment for a farm machinery dealership. He sees himself continuing within this area in the future and counts his IoT experience as making a significant difference to his employability as he has a depth of knowledge and understanding of equipment and technologies that other colleagues don’t currently have. Plus, he feels comfortable and confident using and talking about this impact precision farming equipment can have on the sector. 

Check out Ben's IoT experience

Laura, FdSc Agriculture

Lucy with the IoT soil testing kit

Nathan, FdSc Agriculture

Nathan is using the IoT McConnel Robocut2

Jess, FdSc Agriculture

Jess is with the IoT Yara sensor

“The IoT has helped develop my skills in farming.”

We use the Palintest Soil Testing kit, to analyse potassium levels in the soil. The Palintest field kits allow us to test in the field for the levels of macronutrients and micronutrients within the soil. It’s great as it gives immediate results like those you’d get in a lab. 

Understanding the nutrient levels within soil is important as intensive farming can impact soil health and the wider environment. Testing the soil means we can make sure it’s as healthy as possible and not being over-farmed.

“The IoT has enhanced my education to achieve the job I want to do.”

We use the McConnel Robocut RC56 for jobs with limited access such as challenging terrain and hazardous areas where tractors cannot reach.  

Operated via remote control, we can maintain a safe distance of up to 150 meters, the McConnel has a low centre of gravity designed to give it great stability. Speed, gearing, rotor speed and an emergency stop accessed with a single button are just some of the features that can be controlled with controls. It is also compatible with Trimble, another IoT system we use in line with our precision farming. 

“The IoT has given me the skills to take back to my arable farm at home.”

We use the Yara N-Sensor which is a large piece of equipment that attaches to the roof of a tractor. The N-Sensor determines the nitrogen demand by measuring the crop’s light reflectance covering a total area of approximately 50m2 per second.

With measurements being taken every second, we can accurately communicate to the spreader how much nitrogen needs to be applied to the field which helps us to farm in a way that maximises crop production without being detrimental to the environment.

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