Precision Agriculture: Future Farming

Following the launch of Bishop Burton College's Centre for Precision Technology, part of the Yorkshire & Humber Institute of Technology (IoT), the College's focus on precision farming systems has led to a range of high-level courses using technology and ‘big data’ to help reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. This use of precision technology will ‘map’ soil type and soil nutrients and will make the most efficient use of inputs which will help UK farmers to compete on a global stage.

It is becoming increasingly important for those in the agricultural industry to upskill and so we are pleased to be introducing free bite-sized qualifications to help boost knowledge within the industry, thanks to funding from In Work Skills. Three 8-week courses will be available, which will combine practical, technical learning opportunities with the development of theoretical understanding.

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Our Knowledge Transfer Events, focused on precision agriculture, are FREE to attend for anyone working in the agricultural industry.

  • Riseholme College, Lincolnshire
    Thursday 24th February, 9 - 11:30am

Fully Funded Short Courses

Agricultural Guidance Systems and Communication (hosted at Bishop Burton College)

Modern agriculture uses GNSS satellite guidance systems for controlling a multitude of machinery. Machinery for drilling, spraying, fertiliser application and mechanical weed control are amongst the range of machines used in precision agriculture. As technology advances, machinery will become autonomous requiring operators to have an advanced knowledge of operating procedures in the future. For those starting out on precision technology, this program will start from the basics, building up to a more advanced level.

Agricultural Robotics (hosted at Bishop Burton College)

Robotics are becoming more advanced in agriculture. Some sectors of agriculture are relying on robotics to fill the labour shortage. In particular the dairy industry and soft fruit industry already rely on robots. As robotics become more advanced and operators understand the capabilities, more advances will be made. This program aims to introduce the basics of robotics, their operation and scope for future development in Arable farming.

Agricultural Technology Data Handling and Communications (hosted at Riseholme College)

Modern agricultural systems for crops and livestock require the collection of data for efficient sustainable agricultural production. Data from the crops and livestock industry is collected by electronic identification tags (EID) and from tractor systems using GNSS and ISOBUS compatible equipment. For this data to be of use, the data must be stored using software that can integrate with Farm office systems such as Farmplan and Gate Keeper.

This data can then be integrated to create field management plans for variable rate and livestock management plans. This program is for those wanting to advance their knowledge of communication and prepare for future change in the agricultural industry.

Precision Agriculture at Bishop Burton College

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