Complaints :: Bishop Burton College


  1. Introduction

    It is our intention to ensure that all complaints are handled promptly, fairly, consistently, and proportionately. This procedure applies to all complaints, both formal and informal, by students, customers and stakeholders.

  2. Complaints Procedure: Overview

    1. A complainant who wishes to make a complaint may do so either in writing or verbally. A full copy of the complaints procedure is available from the College.

      All complaints made in writing, whether using the College Complaint Form or not, are classed as formal complaints. All complaints made verbally will be classed as an informal complaint. 

      Complaints can be e-mailed to

    2. All complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days. Following investigation, a response to the complainant will usually be provided within 15 working days unless the complaint is particularly complex, when the complainant will be informed of reasons for the delay.

  3. Complaints we cannot investigate

    1. The College will not normally record or investigate:

      • A decision made where the correct procedures / processes / regulations have been followed (e.g. disciplinary and debt recovery).
      • Anonymous communications.
      • Something outside the control or responsibility of the College.
      • Something that happened some time ago. Investigations will not take place after twelve weeks of an alleged incident occurring.
      • Something involving an employee’s personal life.
      • A liability claim, or other litigation matter.
      • A complaint regarding an academic judgement on HE work, for example the grade awarded for a piece of assessed work.
    2. HE Academic appeals - specific procedures exist for these within Higher Education Academic Appeals procedure and also within the regulations and guidelines partner universities and awarding bodies, relating to the decisions made by exam boards. Please see the Procedure for Higher Education Academic Appeals for more information.

    3. Admissions appeals and complaints - specific procedures exist for these within our Higher Education Course applications procedure.

    4. The College will not accept a complaint lodged by a third party, other than a parent, carer or guardian of a 14-17 year old student.

  4. Response

    The response – a reasoned judgement – will be sent to the complainant within 10 working days of receiving a complaint; however, complex cases will, unavoidably, take longer to investigate with due care and thoroughness. The complainant will, in any event, be kept informed of the progress of any investigation.

  5. Appeal

    Any comments about the way in which the complaint was dealt with, or any appeal against the findings and action, should be made in writing to the Deputy Principal or representative, setting out the grounds for appeal, within 10 days of receipt of the outcome. The Deputy Principal or representative will review the evidence and respond to the appellant within 15 working days of receiving the appeal.

  6. Complaint Investigation by External Organisations

    External organisations will not normally investigate complaints until the College’s complaints procedure, including appeal, has been exhausted.

    For Further Education (FE) students contact the Skills Funding Agency, Director Area Relationships Team, The Cube, 123 Albion Street, Leeds, LS2 8ER Tel: 0113 341 1655

    For Higher Education (HE), students should contact the awarding organisation who validates their degree. This will be the University of Hull, the Royal Agricultural University or University of Huddersfield. If you are unsure which organisation to contact check with a member of College staff.

    The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)  for Higher Education will investigate complaints once a completion of procedures letter has been issued either by the college or the relevant university. For further information see the OIA website.