Hello, I’m Sarah. I’m 17 years old and currently finishing my second year of City and Guilds Level 3 Equine Management at Bishop Burton College. They’ve asked me to write a mini blog on my college experience and what I’m up to in lockdown. I thought I’d do a TOP 3 BISHOP EXPERIENCES... I hope this works! By the way, these are in no particular order, as that would be too hard! 


I was home-educated since Year 7 and joined Bishop in what would’ve been Year 10. That did make me around two years younger than everyone else, which was totally terrifying at first. With me being 15 and having no qualifications other than my BHS Stage 1, they put me on a Level 2 Equine Management course to test me out. I started half-way through the year, but those six months were the most engaged and happy I’d been in the education system since Primary School. 


At the start of this academic year, I tried out for the Equine Academy. There are Academies for many different areas, they basically offer weekly training and support to aspiring athletes. I did my audition and they invited me and Kate (my pony at the time, weird name for a horse I know) onto the squad! My time as an Academy member was so inspiring and educational, the opportunities it offered were incredible. I got to meet and be coached by many legends of the sport, such as Geoff Billington and Ros Canter (have a Google if you’re curious). As hard as it was to get there sometimes (Kate didn’t like travelling much), it was so unbelievably worth it. I wish I could stay on for another year just to do it all again! 


At the end of my first year of Level 3, we Equine students were offered the opportunity to participate in the Equine on Tour 2019! Equine on Tour is a trip where you spend around a week travelling to different places to experience equestrian-related activities and places. In 2019, we went to Austria. We travelled around twenty-something hours on a coach to Salzburg, which was an interesting journey, to say the least. We then travelled up to Vienna for a few hours. Finally, we drove all the way back home in one go, rounding out at around twenty-seven hours. It was truly exhausting, but my goodness was it worth it! We went to totally famous venues like the Spanish Riding School and the Piber Stud. The one moment I will never forget was watching fifty-odd, wild, youngster, Lipizzaner stallions gallop past us at the top of a mountain. This was the only time I have ever been truly speechless. 

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