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Equine students walking through livery yard

Livery and Loan

Bishop Burton Equine Centre has 110 stables in various styles, ensuring your horse is happy and safe during their time with us.

The stabling here at Bishop Burton ranges from Main Yard's traditional stone-built loose boxes to Beverley Yard’s wooden stables and York Yard’s American Barn system.

DIY livery

You are able to bring your own horse on a DIY livery basis. This is subject to availability, so we encourage you to book early as it's in high demand.

DIY livery packages include access to individual turnout areas. This is agreed on a rota basis, which will be discussed at your livery induction. We strive to offer turnout throughout the year, however, this may be restricted should conditions be too wet.

There are a whole host of benefits:

  • Free lesson with a qualified instructor once a fortnight.
  • Access to our Equine Centre facilities went they're not pre-booked. This includes the horse walker, 6km hacking track surrounding Bishop Burton’s farm, indoor and outdoor arenas and Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Horse walker to supplement exercise.
  • Equine vets on-site weekly. Any veterinary consultations within the on-site visit are not subject to a call-out fee. However, you will be billed by the vet for any treatment required or out-of-hours services.
  • Discounted entry fees for unaffiliated shows.

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Working livery

Horses suitable for working as part of our teaching sessions may be taken on a working livery basis.

Your horse will stay with us and will take part in educational sessions during term time for no more than three hours per day. You'll be able to ride your horse when it isn't being used for teaching purposes – this is usually at weekends.

If your horse is suitable and is accepted on working livery, your livery costs will be reduced by 50%. We will provide all feed and bedding and the day-to-day care of the horse and will look after the horse during term time.

You would be responsible for any expenses for worming, tack repairs, any veterinary fees and farrier fees.

If you wish to discuss your horse’s suitability for working livery, please email

Cleaning tack in tack room
Student cleaning tack in stables

Horses on loan

Bishop Burton Equine Centre has vacancies for horses on loan to assist students at college and university level with their learning.

We offer your horse 24-hour care and attention, ensuring they have a varied work programme and are used in first-class equestrian facilities.

We look for horses who are:

  • 14.2 hh or over
  • Six years or over
  • Good temperament

We take horses on loan for both novice and advanced riders.

To find out more, please call 01964 553087 or email

Why loan your horse to Bishop Burton Equine Centre?
  • The majority of bills are covered by the loan contract
  • Horses will work a maximum of two hours per day working on the flat, jumping or groundwork, and have a rest day at weekends
  • Care from qualified, knowledgeable, experienced staff
  • Current and previous owners return their horses to us year after year and always compliment us on the horse’s condition and well-being
  • Excellent facilities, including a variety of stabling options to suit your horse, indoor and outdoor schools, cross country course and horse-walker
  • Your horse will return to you in the winter and summer holidays and can be taken to compete on weekends
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