Our History

The History of Bishop Burton

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Sixty Years of Delivering Outstanding Specialist Vocational Training

Reflecting on how far we’ve come over the last 60 years, the College has prospered where others have not, and we’ve done this by moving with the times, diversifying our offer and by always striving for excellence in everything that we do. But we’ve also upheld tradition – staying true to our roots and teaching fundamental skills that remain as important today as they did when we opened our doors in 1954. That is what our focus will be for the next 60 years.

In 1954, the College purchased its first tractor, at the cost of £455 and 10 shillings.

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1982 – Her Majesty the Queen visited the College to find out more about the College’s heritage in agriculture and equestrianism.

Outstanding Success

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The College has celebrated many successes over the decades – obtaining outstanding outcomes for learners from Ofsted, becoming the only Centre of Vocational Excellence in agriculture and equine in the UK, investing in an ambitious campus expansion programme to improve our facilities, growing from just two courses to over 140, including sport, public services and childcare to meet the needs of learners and the economy, and being chosen as the partner college for numerous industry, employer and sports organisations - many on a national level. But we won't rest on our laurels.

Our focus for the next 60 years is to carry on that mantel, by striving for excellence and always providing a first-class environment for vocational skills training. With investments made at the Bishop Burton campus over the last decade, we’ve never had a better opportunity.

First Class, First Choice Land-Based Specialist Education

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More than 40,000 students have chosen to study at the College since we opened our doors in 1954. As guardians of the College, it is our duty to ensure that we lay the foundations for future generations to come, by continuing to offer first class, first choice land-based specialist education, and all of our related and connected courses.

We hope you enjoy learning about the last 60 years of Bishop Burton College. Here’s to the next 60!