Travel and Bus Routes :: Bishop Burton College

Travel and Bus Routes

It’s easy to get to Bishop Burton College.

If you’re going to be studying a 16+ course, take a look at all the free buses we offer from across Yorkshire, the Humber and North East Lincolnshire region.

If you’ll be travelling to us via car or public transport, here's how to find us.

BC3 Hornsea

  • Hornsea Bus Station

    Time In: 07:50

  • Hornsea (Rose & Crown)

    Time In: 07:54

  • Seaton

    Time In: 08:00

  • Brandesburton (New Road)

    Time In: 08:08

  • Leven (New Inn)

    Time In: 08:12

  • Tickton Playground

    Time In: 08:20

  • Beverley Railway Station

    Time In: 08:30

  • Beverley Bus Station

    Time In: 08:35

  • Bishop Burton College

    Time In: 08:45

    Time Out: 17:15