The quality of the College’s advice and guidance support is such that the College was awarded the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Gold Standard Award, Customer Service Excellence and Matrix Accreditation for its information, advice and guidance services.

Equality and Diversity

Students potting Plants

The College is leading the field in building a tolerant and accepting student community. From the moment you arrive at College there is a team of people ready and waiting who are dedicated to helping you succeed in every area of your life.

Events like our three 'Equality and Diversity' weeks highlight and celebrate equality and the differences between communities around the world, around the region and around the campus. This allows us to acknowledge each other’s cultures and understand each other’s beliefs.

We welcome diversity and actively promote equality of opportunity for all of our students and staff and we are working hard to break down every barrier to learning.

To this end, all key policies and charters including this prospectus are available in audio format and/or large text, for those who are visually impaired. Text can be translated into a foreign language on request, or supplied in digital format such as Quark or Adobe Acrobat files. Our website has a text only area which is compatible with most screen readers and complies fully with web standards.

Counselling Service

The College provides access to qualified, experienced counsellors who normally work to a 'no waiting list' policy. They will respect the confidential nature of your discussion and will work with you in an empathic and non judgemental way. Referrals to the counselling service are made through the Health and Welfare Officer.

Study Skills

The Study Skills service offers support and assistance with any aspect of your studies. From returning to study for adults, to assistance with understanding concepts or just help with study skills generally, there is always help available from the Study Skills team.

Belief Support

The College offers support to students from different cultures and belief systems through our College Chaplain and a range of partnerships.