16+ Financial Support

16+ Tuition Fees

If you are a UK or EU student aged 18 years or under on the 31st August of the year you start the course, there are no tuition fees to pay.

Students in receipt of benefits should contact Student Services.

If you are a UK or EU student aged 19 years or over on the 31st August of the year you start the course, you may have fees to pay. From 2013 all students who are 19 or over are able to apply for a student loan to cover the costs of their tuition fees.

Financial Support Available for Further Education

Sources of financial help that may be available to you include:

The Residential Bursary Fund

The Residential Bursary fund provides financial support with the residential accommodation costs for students aged 16 and above who are attending a full-time further education course. The residential bursary fund is means tested on household income and to qualify the household income must be below £33,000 (previously £30,000).

The Residential Bursary fund is allocated on a sliding scale. The 2017/18 scale is shown below.

Income Below

Residential Bursary

£23,000 or below £4,555
£23,001 - £28,000 £3,500
£28,001 - £33,000 £2,360


The Bishop Burton Bursary

The Bishop Burton Bursary of £1,200 is available for those in care, care leavers, those on income support and those students who receive both the disability allowance and the employment support allowance.

Bishop Burton Maintenance Allowance (BBMA)

The Bishop Burton Maintenance Allowance (£500) is a source of financial support for those FE students from low income families.

The College distributes this funding to eligible students following a means-tested application process. This process will identify those students in greatest financial need. For successful applicants, funds will be released to those who have successful attendance, show commitment to their course and therefore need all the help they can get to stay on that course. Payments are made in instalments across the academic year and paid directly into the student's bank account.

General Hardship Fund

For those students that have additional financial needs, can demonstrate financial hardship and have accessed all other sources of support, the General Hardship Fund may be able to assist with course related costs and in emergency circumstances where money may be an issue.

For further information please contact Student Services by calling 0800 731 8281 or emailing enquiries@bishopburton.ac.uk

Care to Learn

If you are 16 years or over but under 20 years when you start your course and have a child you could be entitled to up to £5,000 per year for childcare and any necessary travel costs. The fund is paid directly to your childcare provider and to the course provider so that they can fund your travel. Please visit Gov.uk for further information on this scheme.

20+ Childcare Fund

The student must fulfil the following criteria in order to apply:

  • Be enrolled on a Further Education course at Bishop Burton College
  • Be aged 20 years and over when the course starts
  • Use a childcare provider that is OFSTED registered
  • Be able to demonstrate through the application process that they are in financial hardship and require this support in order to be able to complete the course

For further information and application forms please contact Student Services: 0800 731 8281

Advanced Learner Loan

Are you aged 19 or over and want to study a level 3 (or above) course? Are you wondering how you will be able to finance this course? Don’t panic! You may be eligible for an Advanced Learning Loan!

The amount available to a learner depends on:

  • The course being studied
  • The fees charged by the learning provider
  • The maximum amounts set by the UK Government

The learner can choose the amount they want to borrow up to the maximum available to them - this is then put towards the fees charged by the learning provider. The minimum loan amount a student can borrow is £300

Getting a loan doesn’t depend on your income and credit checks aren’t carried out.

Repayments are based on your income and won’t begin until your income is over £404 a week, £1,750 a month or £21,000 a year.

It’s really easy to apply online and your household income isn’t taken into account. Just make your way to the Gov.uk website to start your application today.

More information is available on the Gov.uk website or via the Student Helpline Number: 0300 100 0619

Alternatively you can speak to one of our Student Services team by calling 01964 553000.