Student Association Events

Students Enjoying a Walk

The Bishop Burton College Student Association organises a wide range of social events including the popular Freshers’ Week, Halloween, Valentine's and Summer Balls, plus the fantastic foam parties.

They also make regular trips to Asylum, the University of Hull’s award winning student nightclub, as well as arranging DJs, pool tournaments, movie nights, theme nights, quiz nights, games and many other activities throughout the academic year.

The Meadows

This is your place to chill out. Walk into the Meadows café on any given day and students will be chatting on sofas, watching TV on our big screens, listening to music or playing pool.

It is open every day.

Bishop's Bar

This is the hub of the social scene at the College. Bishop's Bar provides a great place to relax during the day and becomes the meeting point for parties and groups in the evenings. There are lots of things to do every night of the week. These include pre-club drinks, games, pool tournaments, pub quizzes, cocktail nights, foam parties, DJ sets – the list is endless. We stock non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to cater for all preferences and the bar is open through the day and well into the evening.

Out and About

If you appreciate the great outdoors, the region offers spectacular countryside ideal for walking, cycling, watching wildlife or just relaxing.