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So that we're ready for you to join us in September 2017, please complete the below form before 24th August 2017.

General Information
Further Education students only. This eight digit number can be found on the front of your joining instructions.
Approval for Day Visits and Work Experience

As part of their course, and life at Bishop Burton College, our students will take part in day visits, enrichment activities and a work placement. It is obviously not practical to request permission every time these activities take place. In order to allow our students to access these opportunities please read the following statements and complete the consent section below. 

I consent to the above student taking part in day visits and off-site activities.

Written parental consent will not be requested from you for the majority of off-site activities offered by the College, this includes for example activities that are part of the College curriculum which usually take place during the normal College day. 

Additional parental consent will be requested for residential trips, adventure activities and activities which are assessed as higher-risk and not part of the standard curriculum.

I understand that the above student may undertake a work placement with an employer:

-   Bishop Burton College works hard with external partners to ensure suitable work placements are available

-   Bishop Burton College undertakes numerous checks with individual employers to ensure placements are safe with necessary risk assessments in place

-   Students receive work placement details (employer details, dates, times etc.) and necessary risk assessments before their placement commences

Release Agreement

The College likes to celebrate successes and use images of its students for promotional campaigns and / or press releases:

Medical Information


Students must ensure that they have had at least two of the three injections needed (normally there is an interval of 6 weeks between the first and second injections).

Family Contact Information

In case of emergencies, please provide the details of two people that we could contact.

Residential Students Only

We strongly advise you to register with the College doctor whilst you are a resident so that in case of an emergency or illness the doctor will come to see you at the campus. Registration will take place during induction.

Submit Information

The above information will be treated in the strictest confidence by the college and is required to ensure that every precaution can be taken for your safety. All information will be dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act, however, you should be aware that unless you state otherwise the information will be shared with other college staff in order to provide any necessary support.

This information is a true statement of fact and no omissions have been made and I understand that the details may be made known to other college staff where necessary.

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