NFU Mutual Makes Investment in Future of Farming :: Bishop Burton College

NFU Mutual Makes Investment in Future of Farming

NFU Mutual, the UK’s leading rural insurer, has agreed to sponsor the Centre for Agricultural Innovation at Bishop Burton College in East Yorkshire for the next three years.

The Centre, in partnership with NFU Mutual, will offer solutions to some of the challenges faced by those working in agriculture through a combination of land based research, practical experience and its engagement with industry partners.

The partnership will see students and staff working together on a range of research projects that explore innovative farming methods and processes. Completed in partnership with industry experts, the Centre will act as a knowledge transfer with the wider community.

College Chief Executive and Principal, Jeanette Dawson OBE said; “The College continues to drive innovation in the agriculture sector and in order to do this, we need to work with industry experts such as NFU Mutual.

“Their investment will mean that our students will not only broaden their skills and experiences, making them more work-ready than ever before; they will also play a role in shaping the future of the industry that they will soon be part of.”

The Principal added; “The success of agriculture lies in research and development, and by working with our students and partners we can play a key role in helping to shape farming in the future and pass this knowledge on to the wider farming community.”

As part of the partnership, the College will be collaborating with NFU Mutual to develop a farm insurance module for students in a bid to help future farm decision makers identify and insure against the risks they face.

On the innovative partnership, Bev Mitchell, Head of Marketing at NFU Mutual said; “NFU Mutual insures around 75% of the farming community in the UK and is therefore extremely well placed to help create and deliver farm insurance modules to students – ensuring they consider all aspects of running, managing and maintaining farms and small holdings.

“We are keen to make sure the agricultural workers and leaders of the future are as business-savvy as possible as farming is a tough industry to work within, but with the right tools and expertise provided by the College and us, they can do it.”

The Centre for Agricultural Innovation works on a variety of research projects, collaborating with a range of commercial partners and working with students from across the College. Find out more.