Conversion to Sport :: Bishop Burton College

Conversion to Sport

Disabled youngsters from across the region take part in a tag rugby event at Bishop Burton College.

BUOYED along by this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, around 100 children converged on Bishop Burton College to test their sporting skills.

The inspiring element was that the youngsters were all disabled; showing the determination that became the hallmark of London 2012 by not letting the freezing temperatures spoil the day of top-level training.

The event was co-ordinated by the Federation of Disability Sports Organisations (FDSO) and students from the Beverley college’s rugby academy played a key role in the coaching.

Shaun Cook, of the college, said: “We have organised wheelchair basketball with the federation in the past, as well as a cross-country run, but this time we tried something different - tag rugby.

“This worked really well as a) it was fun b) it was physical and c) the game needs players to communicate and work as a team.

“It was a tremendous experience for our students to work with a disabled group. There is a real interest in disabled sport at the moment - a great legacy of this year’s Paralympic Games - and the day gave our students invaluable experience."

Ian Spencer, of the FDSO, added: “A large number of the youngsters came from the Humberside area, but others had travelled from as far afield as Bradford and Leeds.

“There has been a noticeable increase in sporting interest among disabled children since London 2012 which is brilliant.”

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