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Construction Opportunities for Bishop Burton College Students

Ibstock Brick and Hobson & Porter have recently donated tools and offered support to construction students at Bishop Burton College.

The Foundations Scheme, recently launched by the Hobson & Porter in an effort to contribute towards the skills and training for all ages within the construction industry.

Students within the construction department at Bishop Burton College are given the opportunity to visit the construction sites and are offered the chance to gain some work experience with the business.

Materials are donated to the construction department, and Hobson and Porter regularly deliver education presentations for the students who are interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry.

This June, Ibstock kindly donated a full lorry of bricks for the students to use as part of their studies, which gave them the opportunity to use the bricks to build various structures including walls and chimneys, giving them a more hands on learning experience.

Hobson & Porter and Bishop Burton College have had a long standing relationship which has been built over many years, they are seen as both construction and education partners as their relationship extends further than the building services provided by Hobson & Porter.

The Foundations 2016 programme enrols students on intermediate and advance apprenticeships designed to equip students with the vital construction skills that they will need in the industry.