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Facing Challenges Head-On (International Women's Day Dinner)

Join us for dinner as we celebrate International Women’s Day with two inspirational women; North and South Pole expedition leader Ann Daniels and Rachel Hallos, NFU County Chair and beef and sheep farmer.

Starting at 6.30pm with a drinks reception and the opportunity to network, you’ll enjoy talks from our key speakers while dining on a two course meal, crafted using the finest local produce.

Tickets are limited, so book yours now via our online shop. For further information, please contact Rhonda Thompson - rhonda.thompson@bishopburton.ac.uk

Kindly sponsored by ABP, ASDA,  NFU and Wilkin Chapman.

Ann Daniels

Polar Explorer Ann Daniels is a world record holder and one of Britain’s leading female explorers. Starting out as a mother of young triplets and without any outdoor experience whatsoever, pure hard work and belief led her to being selected from over 200 more experienced women to take part in her first North Pole expedition.

From these humble beginnings, she went on to conquer the South Pole and in 2002, became the first woman in history to ski to the North and South Poles as part of all women teams. Experiencing temperatures as low as -50C and dealing with various encounters with Polar bears, she has sledge-hauled over 3000 miles, in the most inhospitable environments in the world, completing over 10 polar expeditions and surviving over 400 days on the ice. She understands the importance of good planning, hard work and a positive attitude in the most difficult circumstances. As a Polar guide and the only leader of all 3 Catlin Arctic surveys she is living proof that good leadership, teamwork and believing in yourself does make a difference. 

Her achievements have been recognised by many bodies including the Guinness book of records, The Pride of Britain Awards, The Foreign Office and the Women of the Year Awards. She has appeared on TV and radio and along with bringing up her four children is currently working on her next North Pole venture.

Ann is a leader of men and women at the ends of the world.

Rachel Hallos

Rachel Hallos runs a successful pedigree beef and commercial sheep enterprise at Beeston Hall and Baitings farms alongside her husband Stephen and their children Sam & Anna. Evaluating their strengths and forming a business to suit they took on the failing Hallos family farm in August 2000 and made the switch from dairy retailer to beef and sheep. Forming alliances with Natural England, RSPB and their landlord, Yorkshire Water, they embarked on one of the biggest environmental schemes in the area, encouraging others to follow suit.

Rachel has an open door policy to all, be it parliamentary dignitaries to farmer focus groups with an aim to highlight the work carried out by farmers to others and encourage local farmers to take any opportunity to learn from each other and have a profitable sustainable community. Rachel has recently taken on the role of West Riding County Chairman for the NFU in the hope that she can make a difference to other farmer's lives and perhaps influence the decision makers in Westminster by promoting food & farming in Yorkshire.