Rider Fitness and Performance Unit :: Bishop Burton College

Rider Fitness and Performance Unit

Horses in the stable block

Many riders experience weaknesses within their bodies that manifest themselves in their riding ability. This may have a negative effect on the horse’s way of going. Such riders often require specialist sports science advice in order to maximise their performance and provide them with the competitive edge.

Our rider fitness and performance unit aims to address the needs of riders in exactly the same methodical way as that of any other athlete. The rider is no different from any other athlete where strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning are vital for sporting success.

This specialist unit allows students and external clients to be analysed without the influence and variables of the horse, in order to develop skills that can be transferred when on the horse.

Specialist Facilities

Investment in specialist facilities include:

  • Interactive Dressage Simulator
  • Specialist sports fitness, strength and flexibility equipment
  • Biomechanical analysis software
  • Core stability testing and development equipment

The Rider Fitness & Performance Unit aims to provide:

  • Rider performance profiling and clinics
  • Fitness, strength and flexibility testing
  • Posture and core stability assessment and advice
  • Nutritional advice

Interactive Dressage Simulators

Bertie and Horatio

Our Interactive Dressage Simulators, called Bertie and Horatio, replicate life like horses and are capable of performing all horse paces, lateral work, movements from walk to piaffe and lateral action.

It’s as realistic as it gets – without actually being on a horse! It teaches the rider position and control, develops technique, skill, muscle memory and confidence.