Course: NPTC Entry Level 2 and 3 Skills for Working Life (Construction and Woodwork)

Department: Foundation Studies

Type: 16+

Duration: One year

The Course

This course will make you more employable, particularly in the areas of construction and woodwork, by developing your knowledge and practical skills to prepare you for the world of work. Tutors will ensure you receive all the support you need to achieve your goals.

What You Study

  • Life skills
  • Construction Skills – including mixing and laying concrete and maintaining a footpath
  • Woodwork - including joining wood based materials, use of woodwork tools
  • Citizenship
  • Personal and social development
  • Work experience and employability skills
  • English and Maths, as required.

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Entry Requirements

One satisfactory reference is needed, along with a clear interest in the subject.

Brooklyn Stephenson

NPTC Entry Level 2 and 3 Awards, Certificates and Diplomas in Skills For Working Life (Plants)

Bishop Burton College has given Brooklyn the platform to follow his passion for gardening, inspired by his grandad.