Course: Access to Higher Education Diploma in Land-Based Studies - Animal

Department: Animal Management

Type: 19+

Duration: One year

The Course

Access to Higher Education programmes are designed to prepare students aged 19+ for a Foundation Degree programme.

This programme is for students with a passion for animals. It allows students to select specialist modules, such as Animal Management and Behaviour, based on their individual passions. The programme makes full use of the college’s facilities, including the Animal Management Unit.

What You Study

  • Business
  • Science
  • Land-based skills
  • Research project
  • Higher education study skills
  • Animal science and welfare.

How To Apply

Apply online or call the College on 0800 731 82 81.

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Entry Requirements

Students should be able to demonstrate sufficient literacy and numeracy skills to cope with the requirements of the course, including the written components. Life experience will be taken into account for all applicants.

Callum Clark

BTEC Level 3 in Animal Management

There is nowhere in the country that can compare with Bishop Burton College’s Animal Management facilities and expertise, according to Callum.