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Past Research Projects

Is there still a place for the conventional varieties of oil seed rape?


By continuing and increasing the excellent research and trials work and industry partnering already undertaken by the College, Bishop Burton will be in a position to aid the Government in its plans to ensure that the nation’s food producers and rural businesses are prepared for the challenges as they arise.

Over the years Bishop Burton College has conducted, or been involved in many research projects and trials including, among others:

  • Measuring the pH and temperature in the rumen and reticulum of dairy cows, in conjunction with Vetsonic and the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Iwate University (Japan)
  • Three year trial monitoring anthelmintic resistance levels in sheep, in conjunction with FERA
  • Variety demonstrations and trial work, in association with Agrii
  • Slurry treatment, in order to reduce ammonia levels in pig houses and reduce leaching and volatolisation when spreading slurry to land, in conjunction with Plocher
  • A comparison of growth rates and eating quality of conventional and traditional pig breeds
  • Reduction/elimination of tail biting in growing pigs, in conjunction with FAI Farms, Bristol University
  • Farrowing crate free systems, in conjunction with the RSPCA
  • Maize under plastic vs. conventional growing techniques, in conjunction with Thompsons Feeds
  • Yeast as a means of enhancing dairy cow rumen function, in conjunction with KW
  • Research into seed transfer by a range of farm machinery, in conjunction with FERA
  • Growth rate trials on a range of swards in conjunction with EBLEX
  • Minimal cultivations, in conjunction with Sumo Engineering
  • Beef meat year nutritional project, with ABP
  • Improving post farrowing mortality, with Cranswick Foods
  • UAV assessment of avian damage to Oil Seed Rape, with Agrii
  • Antibiotic residue in pig slurry, with FERA
  • Improving feed efficiency by reducing methane loss from rumen with the use of Rumitech, with Harbro
  • Evaluating any performance or health differences occuring from feeding calves a specific transition replacement milk compared to a normal commercial milk replacer, with Bonanza Calf Nutrition
  • Evaluating if the wearing of cosycalf jackets for five weeks lead to any performance or health differences
  • Rye pig feed trial with Agrii, KWS and the local feed mill; Thompsons, establishing if livestock is ‘fuller’ for longer and if there are any beneficial differences in animal behaviour
  • I’Anson beef feed trial evaluating if a quality calf rearing compound can match the performance of a TMR mix incorporating concentrates