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Student Dissertations

All undergraduate Honours Degree students complete a Dissertation as part of their Degree. This is a piece of research carried out by the student under the guidance of a supervisor. The research is usually applied and uses the extensive practical facilities at the College.

The learning outcomes of a dissertation are:

  • Apply established techniques of analysis, enquiry and research methodology to resolve a research problem, including practical methodologies where appropriate.
  • Demonstrate thorough research of currently available literature in the chosen subject.
  • Critically evaluate literature and research in the chosen area, drawing together and summarising essential and important aspects of the subject from a wide range of sources and where appropriate acknowledging the uncertainty, ambiguity and limits of knowledge.
  • Write up the research, presenting the information with clarity in an analytical and reflective manner, using the prescribed format to produce a substantive piece of work within the given academic conventions and within the specified time.

Student Dissertations

Each year many of our degree students work on dissertation projects that push the boundaries of existing research and cast a fresh eye over the latest developments in the global agriculture.

We have collated a selection of student dissertation projects from our Centre for Agricultural Innovation: