Pea Field Quality Controllers


Salary: £10 per hour

Added: 17th March 2020

The Company

Hartleys are a family farming and food business based in the vale of York. We have been growing and freezing peas in our factory here at Thorganby since 1983. For further information visit our website.


The Role

We are looking for two Pea field quality controllers who will work 12 hour shifts days and nights through the pea harvest.

The rate of pay is £10.00/hour.

The pea harvest usually starts around 20th June and finishes in the first week of September. The harvest covers approximately 180 fields and follows a route

Within a triangular section of Yorkshire with South Elmsall at the bottom, through the vale of York and with East Heslerton, North of Malton at the top.

The field operation includes five people per shift who will be driving harvesters and trailers as well as a field manager. There is a service trailer which includes the 

QC room and a tea room with toilet facilities.

Transport to and from the fields at the beginning and end of each shift can be provided so long as the applicant can meet at the same point each day WF11 OAD at Darrington near Ferrybridge. Otherwise the person will be required to have their own transport and mileage will be paid.

Key Responsibilities

  • To adhere to all field operation rules as set out by the Field Manager and Pea crop Manager.
  • To be aware of and ensure the field activities achieve the requirements of food safety, legality and quality at all times
  • Primary activity is the accurate measurement of the maturity of the pea crop at point of harvest. 
  • Using of state of the art equipment to take measurements which must be used as per procedure and maintained in good working order at all times by the operative.
  • Cross checking and calibration of the measuring equipment.
  • Accurate recording and communication of results and measurements taken in the field.
  • You will be the centre point of communication between field and factory. On a load by load basis you will communicate the tendorometer readings, loading leaving time and expected arrival time at factory via specified method. 
  • Carry out other measurements and quality checks on pea crops as requested by the Field Manager and / or Pea crop manager.
  • Dependant on experience the may be requirements to support field team in moving tractors and other field equipment to and from fields. 

Key Behaviours

  • Integrity – Act with a strong moral code which is applied to all situations
  • Honest and Trustworthy – Ensuring all results and communications are honest and accurate at all times to allow others to act on that information without question.
  • Communication – To be an excellent and timely communicator to all levels of people.
  • Reliability – must be reliable and timely throughout the working season.
  • Consistency – Work must be to a consistent standard, performed to procedure and done safely at all times.

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