Welcome to Agriculture and Farm Research Centre

Our excellent agriculture and farm facilities support a range of research from efficiency crop and livestock production systems. Staff pose industry experience that allows them to support students in undertaking dissertation projects in a wide range of subjects. Our farm setting facilitates practical research using land, livestock and data. Research conducted aims to reduce the impacts of farming and the environment and improve livestock productions. Staff specialisms allow for focussed research around crop production, carbon sequestration and precision farming.

Our on-site farm allows for industry relevant research such as evaluating specific diets and the effects they have on aggressive behaviour in domestic pigs, comparison of different housing systems in calves and morality rates. The research centre has evaluated different treatments for common diseases in production animals such as foot root treatment.

The college labs have state of the art equipment that allows for nutritional analysis which facilitate research into nutritional value of diets, and the impact of new crops on daily live weight gains alongside those for energy production and food production. Research in conjunction with companies have also trialled supplements within a range of species.

Drone technology is a growing aspect within agricultural research. This research can optimise spraying of herbicides and pesticides in specific areas that need the treatments therefore reducing the amount applied significantly as well as reduce water use and control the quality of the crops. The images that come back from this technology will be used to create maps that inform the variable rate applicators.

Thermal imaging is a growing area of interest within agricultural research, thermography is used to aid in detection of injuries, lameness and infections with animals with a focus on production on production animals. This enable earlier detection and enables better management of the species. Thermal imaging has been used with domestic and production.

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If you’d like more information on our Agriculture and Farm research, please contact Sharon Kirby

T. 01964 55300


Research and Publications

  • Impact of precision farming systems on GHG emissions (Trimble)
  • Effect of beef production systems on GHG emissions (Stabiliser Cattle Co)
  • Effect of non-inversion cultivation on carbon sequestration (SOS – UK)
  • The use of miscanthus as a biofuel (Aberystwyth University)
  • Farming practices in relation to health and air quality (Riccardo, Rothamsted Research and Institute of Medicine)

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